bridge the divide with gourmet coffee!

Nothing brings family and friends together again like a gourmet cup of coffee and conversation. Start making new memories for the generations to come!

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At-Home and On the GO Coffee Products:

Ever forget your coffee? We have On the GO coffee with 17 Biodegradable Coffee Pods and 4 Gourmet Coffee Bars. For At-Home coffee drinkers, we offer over 20 regular, flavoured, and decaffeinated coffee in ground and whole bean formats.

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Our Story

Our journey to starting G51 (Galatians 5:1) Freedom Coffee began brewing as an idea in January 2021. We no longer recognized the nation that we grew up in, and a need to start something that felt very Canadian with the heart of community and freedom at its core was no longer just a thought.


We needed a name and one day, in prayer, the scripture from the Bible in the book of Galatians 5:1 was highlighted: “For Freedom, Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5:1 ESV. Our Freedom is already bought and paid for through Jesus. Know Jesus · Know Freedom and so our Freedom as a person in our country has been bought and paid for. Wherever your definition of Freedom lands, Canadians cannot allow division to continue to grow in our Nation.


And so began: G51 Freedom Coffee. The first Freedom Fighting Coffee Company focused on bringing unity back into community by bridging the divide with Gourmet Coffee.


It goes beyond Fueling the Fight for Freedom, instead of asking for donations, we are committed to supporting others in our community fighting the fight like Action4Canada, who in turn is committed to protecting… faith, family, and freedom.


G51 Freedom Coffee Co. is so honoured to come alongside people in our communities to bring more than finances. We bring love, hope, and unity into our country. Our mission is our National Anthem. Not once in our anthem, is the word “I” seen in the lyrics. We, as a nation, need to unite and stand together. We implore you to put your differences aside, stop the division, and unite. Unite over what? Well over a cup of gourmet coffee, of course. Please come and join us.


With G51, it is not just coffee but coffee with a purpose. It is not about what you would do for our coffee but rather what our coffee will do for you. Our Veterans are important to us, they gave all they had, some their lives, for Our Freedom as Canadians. Please honour them by remembering their act of Love for their country, this means you!


We would like to challenge you to a Call to action: Reach out to someone in your life that you have not been in conversation with since the pandemic and make amends. Forgiveness is a powerful tool to have in your life. Unlike what most people think, forgiveness is to bring freedom into your life. Life is too short to not enjoy your loved ones. So, grab your family and friends, grab your coffee and start growing your community once again. Get together for Coffee and Unite!


Wrath of Gino


Wrath of Gino Spiced Coffee - French Roast - available in Ground only.

Wrath of Gino – inspired by Star Trek Klingon Coffee called Raktajino. It was a coffee drink enjoyed by the crew of Deep Space 9 and others. Star Trek honored the classic culture and focused on a hopeful future to be in a better world together.

Wrath of Gino is G51 Freedom Coffee’s take on this coffee. It is a spiced coffee where you recognize the cinnamon in a mixture of spices. The Wrath of Gino coffee is paired with your favorite cinnamon treat like a cinnamon bun. This coffee can be enjoyed hot and cold, and your taste buds will take flight once you embark on this coffee journey to boldly go where no man has gone before!

Proudly Canadian. Roasted & Packaged in Calgary, Alberta.

Chef Ed Diner Classic Seasoning


Chef Ed's love of cooking with the fusion of many spice blends prompted the creation of 'Diner Classic' Seasoning.

Chef Ed's very own meal creations are the next level of flavour, enjoyed by generations of family and friends.

My Daddy-O always says "you will be 'All Shook Up' once you try his blend".

Happy 80th Birthday, Dad! Bon Appetit!

12 Benefits Of Our Coffee

Our coffees do not contain any allergens whatsoever, such as soy, wheat, nuts, milk, etc.

Elevated Energy Levels:

Coffee contains caffeine, a stimulant known for its ability to fight fatigue, and increase energy levels by altering certain neurotransmitters in the brain.

Reduced Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease:

Research suggests that drinking coffee could help protect against Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia.

Reduced Risk of Parkinson’s Disease:

Drinking coffee helps support brain health as it is rich in antioxidants and helps to protect against Parkinson’s disease, as well as cognitive decline.

Increased Liver Health:

Coffee consumption seems to have a protective effect on your liver as it keeps the liver enzyme within a healthy range therefore could be linked to a decreased risk of death from chronic liver disease, liver scarring, and liver cancer.

Lowered Risk of Type 2 Diabetes:

Coffee can preserve the function of the beta cells in your pancreas responsible for producing insulin to regulate the blood sugar levels.

Increased Heart Health & Reduced Risk of Stroke:

Coffee will assist a weakened heart to pump enough blood to the body, so could be linked to a lower risk of kidney and heart disease, stroke, and heart failure.

Increased Longevity:

Dark roast coffee decreases the breakage in DNA strands that would lead to tumours or cancer if not repaired by your cells therefore coffee could be associated with a lower risk of cancer and/or death, regardless of other factors like age, weight status, etc.

Reduced Depression:

Several studies have found that coffee could be linked to a lower risk of depression, and may even be linked to a lower risk of death by suicide.

Enhanced Athletic Performance:

Coffee could improve physical performance and endurance when consumed before exercise.

Healthy Weight Management:

One study found that coffee drinkers were more likely to be physically active, so coffee could help support weight management, decrease body fat and increase gut health.

Chemical Decaf replaced with Swiss Water:

Many companies will decaffeinate their coffee using chemicals. These chemicals do affect the taste of the coffee, and also affect the proper function of your body. We have chosen to provide Swiss Water Decaf products which will be better for you when consumed both in taste and for your health.

Chemical and Pesticide-free:

Research has shown that some big name coffee companies do in fact use chemicals and pesticides in their coffee along with other ingredients that should not be in coffee. The coffee products purchased from Galatians 5:1 Freedom Coffee Co. is chemical and pesticide-free. We want the best for you!